Planned, written and edited in a thirty minute time limit using the word 'Technology' as inspiration He has been waiting all afternoon for this. Staring at his smart tv, waiting for the live-stream of the conference to begin. Then, as if his prayers were finally answered, the soft humdrum of the excited crowd begins to crackle through his sound bar. The video feed connects, and the previously dark room becomes violently illuminated by the bright vacant stage of the conference room. His wrist vibrates. A message from an internet friend from the other side of the planet materialises on his smart watch.

Yo you watching the stream? This is going to be amazing. He replies with a single touch of the glass face of the watch, sending back a stylized thumbs up as an acknowledgment of the message. A countdown timer appears on his tv and with it his speakers roar with the applause of the crowd. He mutes the tv, immediately disconnecting himself from the energy of the event. Five minutes Five minutes he thinks, plenty of time to catch up on his instagram stories. He grabs his iPhone and is greeted by numerous snapchats from his friends. He calculates his time. Two minutes for snapchats and snap stories, two minutes for instagram stories and one minute for a quick scan of the reddit homepage. He opens the first of many snaps. A picture of a friend from highschool standing in a large reception area next to another friend. Both are wearing vip lanyards. The next, a self facing video of another friend sitting in a large crowd. A text overlay reads something about how excited he is for the conference. He looks up from his phone at his television, four minutes. The third snap, a low angle shot of the same stage taken just minutes ago. ‘You should have come bro!’ reads the text overlay. He moves over to instagram, much of the same excitement for the conference meets him. Two minutes He had the opportunity to attend this conference months ago. One of his friends won two tickets in an online promotion and asked him to come along. He considered it. It would be pretty incredible to experience the conference in person. But how would he get there? How would he get home? The seats were ok, but he would be able to get a better view his couch at home. He declined, stating family reasons. One minute He unmuted the tv and again the atmosphere of the crowd filled his room. He didn’t need to be at the event to experience it. He had everything he needed right here. He stood and walked over to his window, Opening is binds and the window to the evening. A spotlight could be seen darting back and forth in the distance, and just by it, the roof of the conference centre. The very same one he was watching from his television. The crowd erupted as a loud speaker invited everyone to stand and welcome the representative who would be beginning the conference. He turned back toward his television to see a tall man wearing business attire run out enthusiastically across the stage, and with it he saw a flash of light behind him that brightened the night sky. He heard the fireworks twice. First through his television, then, about twenty seconds later through his window. The crowd was now on their feet, their energy palpable as a second series of fireworks were heard through his television. Then, twenty seconds later they arrived at his window, gently shaking his windows. And then everything went dark. His television turned off and the crowd went silent.