Planned, written and edited in a thirty minute time limit using the word "Gambling" as inspiration. Few things incite such a thrill as this. My heart is racing, my hands are trembling. The thoughts of what could be race through my mind. The possibilities; good, bad, everything in between. Today will be a good day, I tell myself over and over again.

I look upon the chaotic sea of green and red, coupled with the alluring icons on each of the different cryptocurrency markets. You need to keep your wits about you in this place. Sure there is money to be made, but you must also remember that those who host the platform make their money through your transactions. They don’t care if you win or lose, as long as your money is moving around they can make a commission. I take a deep breath in, take my hand off my mouse and close my eyes. I’ve let the surge of adrenaline get the better of me before. I learnt my lesson. Today will be a good day.

I open my eyes and sit very still. I’ve never really been too into gambling. I dabbled in a bit of online sports betting in years gone by, but the odds are always against you. The story was even worse at the casino. There you would be drawn in by the promise of cheap drinks and a fleeting allure of beating the house. Odds of winning aside, the biggest problem with both of these is the platform or the casinos tendency to restrict or physically remove you from their games if you start to make a profit. The house always wins.

Cryptocurrencies are different though. Market manipulations aren’t just in the hands of billionaire hedge fund managers, like in the stock market. They can be in the hands of anyone, if you know what you’re doing. Growing up in a house with a stock broker as a father, I was indoctrinated into the world of stocks and share trading from a young age. He would come home beaming and ecstatic on some days, depressed and suicidal on others. I saw the potential, but the volatility seemed too stressful. Especially when your family’s livelihood depends on it. You need to have a set limit. You need to know what you can afford to lose. Especially with cryptos.

Unlike stock trading, where it is pretty simple to understand that you exchange some money for a portion of a company’s value. Cryptos take a little more research to understand. They work on many of the same principles, but they’re a different beast all together. One minute you could be looking upon the red and green snake of something mainstream like Bitcoin. The next minute you’re considering trading into a currency that was based off an underhand, slightly racist joke in a b-grade Adam Sandler movie. And the thing is, the more comical and meme-able the currency is, the better it will perform in the short run. You need to be in touch with the market to make money here. You need to know your way around internet forums and have your finger on the virtual pulse 24/7.

I click on the currency with a slightly risqué suspiciously phallic appearing icon and enter my purchase of $500. The currency is only worth 0.001AUD each, so my purchase makes me the cool owner of 500,000 units. There has been alot of chatter recently about this currency and the market is just waiting for any excuse to purchase. I take a screenshot of my purchase, being sure to remove any exploitable or identifiable information from the capture. I take it into an image editor and flourish the picture with cash-stack and rocket emojis as well as a white text footer that states “Cockcoin to the moon boys, get your tickets here!”.

I upload the picture to each of my forums and wait for the replies. They love it. I click back to the crypto trading platform and watch the price. 0.002AUD, green, up 100%. Today is a good day.